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Triebel's Garage was founded by William Frederick Triebel in the spring of 1917. Donald Franklin Triebel remembered the following ("Pa" refers to William Frederick Triebel):

"Before buying the garage property in Red Hook they knew the Brenzels who lived on West Market Street in the house that faces the intersection of Linden Avenue. While visiting them they took a walk up to look at the garage property (on North Broadway where the Triebel Building was eventually built) there was a boarding house there at the time. After they bought the property they tore the boarding house down and saved the lumber. He built a shed in the back with it later on. They had a contractor build a garage out in the front near Broadway. Pa opened for business in the spring of 1917. With about $50 he had left after building the building, he bought some spark plugs and other parts to start the business with. He traded in a boat for part of the cost of construction. This was after striking a deal with the contractor on the way the building was to be constructed. He added first to the back then to the north of the building.

In the early '20s they build the garage annex in Upper Red Hook. William Franklin and Dorothy (Simmons) Triebel lived as newlyweds in a house near the Episcopal Church in Upper Red Hook. That house had no indoor plumbing or water. When Route 9 was paved the road no longer went through Upper Red Hook. Traffic was also down and the crash had occurred. The annex was closed and Franklin and Dorothy moved to Red Hook to live in an apartment over the garage in Red Hook."

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  1. The original garage taken about 1924. This building still stands in the village of Red Hook (on the east side of Broadway just north of the intersection with Market Street where the Artists' Collective, Village Pizza and Sipperley's Grogg Shoppe currently are located). William Franklin and Dorothy (Simmons) Triebel lived in the apartment upstairs with their children in the 1930s and 40s.
  2. Another photo of the original garage taken by Donald Franklin Triebel in 1943.
  3. Triebel's Garage tow truck on the job in 1943. Written on the back: "1943 Rt 9H near Rt 66 - cold morning - BX Mack had been on its left side."
  4. A post card of the original garage probably taken sometime in the 1920s.
  5. Back of post card mentions "Good Rooms". Probably some of the upstairs rooms were rented out before William and Dorothy and their family moved there in the 1930s.
  6. An aerial view of the "new" location south of the village of Red Hook, taken in 1962. The business is still located here, although it has grown quite a bit since this image was taken.

Oh, for the ol' days!

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